First of all, congratulation you managed to get through the boring winter months. March is the first month of spring and this is where the fun begins.

The main task for this month is repotting your Bonsai trees.

By now you should already have a list of trees that need to be root-pruned and repotted. The best way to make sure your timing is perfect is by checking the buds on your tree.

There are 4 stages in the buds life, but at the moment we are only interested in the last 2 stages.

The stages of buds life
  1. Dormant bud.
  2. The swelling bud.
  3. The extending bud. This is the perfect time for repotting our Bonsai because the energy what was stored in the roost in now up in the tree. All cuts will heal quickly and it won’t affect the vigor of the tree. (Please note this is a short time and the first extending buds are usually appear on top of the tree.)
  4. The opening bud. This is your last chance to repot your Bonsai. You either do it right now or you have to leave it for next year. From now on the roots need to supply moister for the new foliage and disturbing it can cause damage to the plant.

Please make sure you keep you repotted bonsai trees in a shaded spot where it’s protected from the wind. Do not feed these trees until it’s starting to grow.

It is a good practice to keep an up to date record of your trees so you can easily calculate the date of the next repotting.

By the end of the month, trees that have been kept in the greenhouse or winter shelter can be brought out into the open again.

Spray your trees with a fungicide and insecticide to kill any remaining spores, mildew, and any other fungi, plus to get rid of the overwintering insects such as green and black fly scale insect and other bugs.

You can start to wire and shape your trees as soon as the buds appear on them. This is the best way to avoid cutting out live branches and leaving dead ones in place.

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