June is the beginning of the summer in the UK and the northern temperate zone. This is the month with the longest days of the year. Trees are growing very vigorously in this month.

The most important task for this month is watering. Make sure you water your trees once or twice a day unless it has been raining heavily during the day, preferably early morning and/or evening after 6-7 PM. By watering your trees in the evening or early morning the sun won’t damage the leaves (The small water drops act like a magnifier glass on the leaves, collecting the sunshine into a little spot) and the roots have more time to absorb the moist and the nutrients from the soil.

Your trees will benefit from a weekly fertilizing with the Plant Invigorator. This is an environmentally friendly pesticide and growth stimulant.

Insect pests such as green and blackfly begin to multiply in this month, but with regularly using the plant invigorator you should have it under control.

It is still safe to continue the air-layering on your deciduous and/or evergreen trees.

June is the best time for taking soft-wood cuttings of Chinese elm, Zelkova, Japanese and trident maple.

June and the first part of July is the best time for leaf pruning of your deciduous trees such as Maple and beech in order to induce smaller leaves to develop.

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