July is a nice and hot month even in the UK and because of it, watering must be a high priority task. Make sure you continue the watering routine from June otherwise your trees can dry out quickly. Bonsai with slightly tender leaves such as maples and beech, need to be protected from the strong mid-day sun. The best is to move these bonsai to a corner of your garden, where they are protected from strong mid-day sunshine or an overhead shading can be a protection from the burning sun.

Sun Shade mess for garden plant cover

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Stick to your fortnightly feeding and a weekly spraying schedule and look out for insects and pest and deal with them as soon as you can in order to prevent their spread.

Soft-wood cutting what was taken in June should already have roots and can be potted individually by the end of this month. July soft-wood cutting should be transplanted next spring otherwise they might not have enough time to establish before winter.

You can carry on with pinching the shoots on your well-established bonsai to maintain the shape of your trees.

Air-layering of your trees should be rooted by now and can be removed from the parent plant. I would recommend using pure peat moss as a soil for your air-layered trees. Keep them in a shady spot until they appear to be well established and growing.

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