This is usually a bleak and cold month in the temperate zone and there is not much to that can be done this time of the year. The main task is to protect the trees from cold weather. A cool greenhouse or a DIY winter shelter is the best way to protect your trees against the cold.

Make sure to check the soil in the pots for those trees which have been under a winter shelter since December and if there is a sign of drying out, water the soil to keep it damp all the time.

In the long winter evening, you can start to prepare yourself for the repotting season. Order Bonsai soil, pots and Bonsai tools if needed.If you are a proud owner of any tropical indoor Bonsai such as Fig, do not forget to fertilise  your tree every 4 to 6 weeks during winter months. These trees don’t stop growing during winter and they need a small amount of food to keep them healthy.

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