Hi and welcome to TheFantasticBonsai.co.uk. This site is here for you to learn the basic tips and tricks and much more about this fascinating hobby. I know you are very excited and probably heard a lot of scary story about how difficult to look after a bonsai, but don’t worry it is going to be very easy. I promise.

Istvan J

My Story with Bonsai

Mr Miyagi with his Bonsai in Karate Kid 3.
Mr Miyagi in Karate Kid III.

I am pretty sure most of you remember Mr. Miyagi from The Karate Kid or at least heard about him. Well, this was the movie that introduced me to these exciting hobby.

My very first Bonsai was a birthday present. You can imagine, I was very excited and happy about my new plant, but because I was new to the hobby, I didn’t know much about Bonsai. I knew I have to water and prune it because I saw it in the movie, but that is it.

Bonsai tree gift set.
Bonsai Gift Set.

The tree came with a very basic care instruction on positioning, watering, feeding, and pruning but without the most important information, the name of the species. The lack of this major information led me to a complete disaster, I killed it within months. So here comes my first tip. Make sure you know the name of the tree species when you purchase your plant.

About 10 years ago one of my friends asked me to look after his Bonsai tree for 2 weeks.

– Me … who killed one, no way- I said, but because it was too cute I couldn’t resist and accepted the challenge and succeeded. Without realizing I had purchased my second bonsai tree in the local bonsai shop. It was a broom style boxwood in a nice green pot. It was a lovely little tree in a good quality soil.

A couple of weeks later I was back in the shop buying the next tree and before I realized I had about 10 trees in my little studio flat.


I would like to share my experience with those who just starting this interesting hobby. I would like to help you with the necessary information that you need to know to succeed in this hobby.

Bonsai is an interesting hobby, but many people disappointed in it because of the cheap supermarket Bonsai That is designed to die in a short time unless you know what to do to save it.

If you ever have any questions, feel free to contact me.

All the best,

Istvan J.


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